wpid2062-20120525-d80001Today my local camera store called that my D800 is back from the dead service. That’s good ! But. The outcome of the nearly four weeks the camera spent at the service: Nothing. Nada. Nihil. Zero. Nichts. Rien.That’s bad.

They tested my D800 with a SB-600, SB-700 and SB-800 just like I did and could not reproduce the problem. The flashes always triggered reliably.

I always feared that this situation could occur. And if I had not received messages from other D800 users who have the same problem I would start doubting my sanity. But no, other people have the same problem, so I was not seeing ghosts.

Now all I can do is to wait for a firmware update and hope that the issue will be fixed by that. Until then I can’t use the D800 in the studio, and that is quite disappointing considering the proud price of the camera.



  1. I just got my D800 with the serial at the 5000300 range and I have the same problem. I was out yesterday shooting thinking that Nikon’s CLS is working but just when I started shooting found out it doesn’t trigger the flash.
    The setup was one Sb600 and one sb700. The sb700 would never flash, SB600 would only flash intermittently if I put it right next to the camera. Total disappointment hope that Nikon resolves this…

    1. Hey Shawn,
      thanks for sharing the information. Kinf of „reassuring“ that other people have the same problem. Please report the problem to Nikon ! The more people report the issue the more attention it will get.

  2. I set up for a shoot on Saturday D800 failed to trigger my SB600s and SB900s. Contacted Nikon and they recommended recommend I send my camera in for service… I suppose I’ll have to invest in radio triggers now if Nikon can’t find problems.

    1. I also thought about radio triggers, but this would not satisfy me. More equipment to buy, set up and operate. And all because the in-built functionality of a 2.900€ camera has issues which are obviously not meant to be that way ? Nah, Nikon should fix this. And I think they will. Perhaps the firmware update fixed this already.

          1. Hey Tim,
            I still can not confirm whether or not the issue is fixed, but two consecutive sessions showed no trigger failures (50 shots and ca. 25 shots).

            I will test CLS extensively in the next days.



  3. Hi Julian,

    I reset the camera to factory settings and used channel 2 groups A and B and was able to trigger 2 SB600s and one SB900 in a protriat shoot yesterday. shot 300 pictures without a problem. Now I’ll have to through each of my modifications one at a time to see which combination triggers the problem. Or I’ll update the firmware and press on.



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