bildschirmfoto-2014-03-09-um-15-30-15Yesterday I accidentally erased a file while the card was still in the camera. Whoops. My first thought was “so what, it’s gone” but then my eyes fell on the voucher for a 1-year subscription to a rescue software. These vouchers come with every Sandisk Extreme and Extreme Pro memory card you purchase. The software “Rescue Pro Deluxe” can restore files from memory cards which have been deleted. The software is quite powerful as it can, in some cases, also restore older files which should have already been overwritten. Don’t ask me how that works, magic I suppose. You should not need that software most of the time (the voucher actually lay on my desk for about half a year now), but when the situation comes the rescue software can save your a$$.

There are many products which come with “vouchers” for “free” stuff. With every package from Amazon I have at least four such things which promise 50 € off my next wine order or 10% off my next purchase of whatsoever. Such “gifts” are not free, since you still have to purchase something (above the, let’s say 50 € voucher) and in the end you have spend money. Usually I throw those papers away without further investigation. Here it is different. The software is completely free (ok you have to buy the memory card but I assume you did that because you needed one), after the year it expires. No fees charged.  After that you can just leave it like that, purchase a (non-expiring) license or just buy another memory card (hey, you never have enough memory cards !).

So my tip for today is: Save that voucher, if you like also download the software. But don’t activate the software yet but wait for that unlucky day when data has to be restored. Then activate the software and you have a digital safety net for one year.

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