20130624-SelfPortrait-001What is this all about ?
Lumenatic.com is a blog about photography (sometimes I also make videos). In the posts I am sharing images from and thoughts/experiences about my projects or I ramble about the technology behind photography. The blog’s main target audience are photographers, since the articles always contain information on how the images have been shot.

What does “Lumenatic” mean ?
“Lumenatic” is an artificial name, you won’t find it in a dictionary. The name has been created using the words Lumen [latin] – light and Lunatic  – a person affected by lunacy, an “intermittent insanity once believed to be related to phases of the moon” (Merriam Webster).

Wo am I ?
My name is Julian Eichhoff, I am an “ambitioned amateur” photographer from Hanover, Germany. In my dayjob I am a mechanical engineer working in the automotive industry. As a photographer I do not have a fixed genre, so you will find images of various topics on the blog.