D750 vs. D800 High ISO comparison (2nd post because I screwed up)

20140928ISO-Header001Dear readers,
I have to say SORRY because I screwed up the previous post about the ISO performance of the D750. When editing the sample images I did not turn off the noise reduction in Capture NX-D, thus the high ISO images were mashed into a blurry pulp without any noise. In my defence I have to say that this was the first time I used Capture NX-D (since Lightroom can’t read the D750’s RAW files yet). On the other hand I could have noticed by looking and thinking for just a second. I withdrew the post from the blog and here is the new version – this time with noise in the sample images.

All images taken with the NIkkor 50 mm at f/8 at aperture priority. ISO was changed manually to 100, 200, 400, 800, 1250, 1600, 2000, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600 and 51200 (last one D750 only, the D800 stops at 25600). Click on the image for a larger view. When looking through the samples I have to say it is hard to determine who performs better. Both cameras start to show noticable grain at ISO 6400, but images stay quite usable up to ISO 12800. “Usable” depends on your personal standard and the intended use of the image. I personally share many images online at a resolution of 2000 Px (long image side). A lot of noise “drowns” when the image is downscaled from the full 24 (D800: 36) megapixels.

This comparison is a quick shot at the D750’s performance. There are other websites who can do such tests under lab conditions and are far more technical at evaluating the results. My intention is to show you some images and give you a reference on how the camera performs in high ISO conditions.

Attention, files large ! First one 41 MB, second one 12MB



****Update October 3rd, 2014****
I used Capture NX-D (the free version) to process the files. In the original post I wrote that I used Capture NX, which I do not have. Thanks Roland Mathis for the comment !


Focussing in dim-lit situations


Focussing in low light situations can be tricky. As light becomes scarce eventually even cameras with a high-end focussing system will struggle and finally wave the white flag. But there is a simple measure to counter this problem. It’s in the standard repertoire of your equipment but you might not have thought of it until now.

Most flashes have an autofocus assist-light. Ever wondered what the red plastic window at the front of the flash is for ? It houses sensors and stuff, but also th AF assist light. When the camera signals “Yup, it’s too dark, some help please !” the AF assist light is activated and projects a pattern onto the subject, thus helping the camera to focus. Then the shutter button is pressed the light is switched off and the flash fires, giving you a perfectly focussed image. So far every photographer should know that this function exists. Now comes the part less photographers might be aware of.

Sometimes using a flash is not an option since it would destroy the atmosphere. What now ? Well, most flashes can activate the AF assist light and suppress the flash. Your flash unit becomes an autofocus assist-unit. The function is called differently with each flash unit. At the Nikon SB-800 one has to set the “FIRE”-option to “NO”. Not so intuitive if you ask me. At the SB-910 there is a dedicated menu for the AD assist light: On, Off, AF-Ill only. Consult your flash manual about this function, it should be described in the AF assist section.


This AF assist light mode enables one to focus even when there is only few light. You can photograph the party (barely) unnoticed. The red focus assist light is activated only for a brief moment.

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Shutter sounds of the Nikon D750, D610 and D800

A reader asked me how the shutter of the D750 sounds. Well, here you go. All examples at 1/200th of a second.

First impressions of the Nikon D750

After yesterday’s post was linked to by nikonrumors.com I received some emails and comments about the D750. So I decided to make another short video giving you my first impressions of the camera. Note that I only focus on the exterior of the camera since I had no time trying it out thoroughly yet :-/ But there is more to come soon :-)

The Nikon D750 has arrived


Hooray, the Nikon D750 has arrived ! Since I was crazy enough to pre-order it two weeks prior to the official announcement, based only upon rumors, my speed has paid off today as I got the very first camera which was shipped to my local store.

Who needs another unboxing video ? ABSOLUTELY NOBODY !
Who made another unboxing video ? ME !


Flower wallpaper in soothing colors


Recently I made this image of a yellow flower. It popped up quite high above the bush it protruded from so I was able to get the flower nicely sharp with a pleasantly blurred background. Also I like the colors, so I decided to make a 2560×1440 desktop wallpaper.

Click on the image below to get the hi-res version, then right-click and choose “Save image as…” . Feel free to download and distribute.

Also please note that I added a wallpaper section in the top menu bar. From time to time I will publish new free wallpapers and add them to the collection.


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