D800 CLS issue – a preliminary answer from Nikon

I reported the issue with the CLS master function of the D800 to Nikon Germany. They tried to reproduce the problem. I got this answer:

“Dear Mr.,

thank you very much for your inquiry. We have tested the master function with four Nikon D800 bodies but could not reproduce the problem you described. Could you please send us sample pictures where the slave flashes were not triggered when using the D800 master function.

Thank you very much and best regards,

M***** D*******,
Nikon Europe, Pro Support.”

As a reply I sent them two consecutive RAW files which were shot in between 3 seconds. Actually I sent the RAW files of the images I used as a title pic for the last post, see right. I will post the latest developments here, but I think the Nikon guys will return to work after the easter season.

One thought on “D800 CLS issue – a preliminary answer from Nikon

  1. I ran into this problem today too !
    VERY ANNOYING, had to cancel a shoot due to it !!

    it is suppose to WORK its bloody new stuff, arghh
    Gonna contact nikon belgium 2morrow asap.

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