It’s nearly full moon and my wife came home late stating: “There is such a beautiful moon today, you have to go outside and shoot it.” Everything for my dearest, and so I went…

The Moon shot at 800 mm

Shot with a Samyang 800 mm f8 mirror lens. 1/800 sec and ISO 1600 (could/should be quicker than 1/800 sec, but then you have to crank up ISO quite a bit.). Of course I used a tripod, remote and mirror lockup to reduce vibration. Oh yes, and the Samyang is manual focus only 🙂 It’s not completely sharp, and I think this is as good as it can get for about 240 Euros (which was the price of the lens).

Now for the Nikkor 70-300 mm:20100823 The Moon-300 mm

Look at that tiny moon ! 🙂 300 mm, 1/1000 sec, f5.6 ISO 400. Sharp.

Tomorrow it’s full moon, and if there are no clouds like today I will be again out in the field.