I like getting close, really close. For macro shots I use the 105 mm f2.8 lens from Nikon – a very sharp and accurate lens. A must-have for all macro enthusiasts. I have one picture gallery which I update now and then with insect shots. Again I would like to share the pictures and experiences with you. Besides the complete album on Picasa I will now show a selection of pictures and describe how they were shot.

DSC_7226_psThis guy here was shot on the open field during a nice summer day. I walked right into a field with high grass, keeping both eyes open for interesting insects. The lens was a Sigma 105 mm f2.8, which was my macro lens before I had the 105 mm Nikkor. It was difficult to get sharp shots, since you have to shoot free-handedly. The insects are too quick and the plants they sit on also move in the wind, so there is absolutely no sense in using a tripod.  Again, here the “Continuous high” shooting mode of your camera comes in handy. One shot has to be in focus (such as this one). The following picture has also been shot free-handedly.DSC_7339_ps

These two pictures were from May 2008. The next only a few months older, August 2008:20080810 Insekt an Fensterscheibe_1

Spontaneous shot from the inside of the bathroom window. I saw the insect, grabbed my camera and took  a few pictures. The message behind this picture is: Whenever you see something interesting, just grab the camera and don’t ponder about “wow, this could be an interesting picture”. Just do it (Nike lawyers, don’t sue !)

The next ones are the newest, August 2010. Grasshopper and snail. The grasshopper was crippled, two front legs were ripped off partially. Perhaps this was the reason the little fellow did not flee when I approached him. Though his fate moves me a lot and I feel pity for the creature, I am quite fond of the eye shots I took. First Time I got the facettes in the eyes. In contrast to the previous pictures, this time I used a flash.DSC_8424

Note the missing legs 🙁

Poor fellow