I sorted the pictures from the trip to the Côte d’Azur. I selected only a few shots to post here. If you wonder why nearly nobody shows up on those pictures: Since some people might feel uncomfortable when their photos are published on the net I chose to respect their privacy and not post pictures of other people unless they agree to it (which is the correct legal way to work with pictures of other people by the way).

This is how food in the fridge must perceive us. Shot with the Samyang 8 mm f3.5 lens at 1/60 sec. In Lightroom I only adjusted the white balance, since the shot was yellow-ish. Timer on the camera was set to 2 sec. The shot is not 100% sharp, but this is one limitation of the lens. Most pictures are very soft, as if shot through a weak milky haze. But nevertheless I am very happy with that lens. You can’t argue about the price (bought at www.foto-tip.pl)

DSC_8800Gears on a machine used to process perfume in Grasse.

DSC_8523My favourite shot from the trip. The bike is parked in Cannes. Blue hour, perfect natural lighting. Well, with “natural” I mean street lights of course. The pictures transports mood and I like the combination of the blue sky and the green bike.

DSC_8448Spices for sale on the market in Antibes. I had to crank up ISO a bit (400). It was bright sunlight, but the market was under a tent roof. Again – very appealing colors.

DSC_8816Another device used to produces essences for perfume. These are cooling coils with lavander lying at the bottom of the tank. The picture looks spooky, since the coils with the vertical post at the back look more like a skeleton carcass than a technical device.

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