A week ago I got one of my ill-famous attacks which set free within me the powerful urge to fuel the motor of our beloved economy with fresh money. In other words – I was on an eBay shopping spree. And I was successful ! I got two analog cameras – an Agfa Isolette II and a Belfoca Junior. Both cameras came in one of those leather cases – love them 🙂 I did not have the chance to test them yet, so this blog entry is simply about showing off.

Let’s go with the Agfa Isolette II first.


Buttons and switches from left to right:

  • film transport wheel
  • shutter release button
  • lid opener
  • shutter speed control (?)

When you pop the lid with the lid opener button, the lid springs open and the lens together with the bellow unfolds:Agfa-Isolette2-Front-offenAgfa-Isolette2-Front


The Agfa Isolette II shoots 6×6 cm Negatives. As written inprevious blog entries, I am not accustomed to such negative sizes living in a world of 1,5 crop DSLR sensors (18×24 mm). To complete the round, here is the back view.Agfa-Isolette2-Hinten

Naturally, the camera is old, and the condition could be a little better. It shows some rust and of course wear, but the bellow seems to be ok and the mechanic part also works. Well, nearly. The aperture does not close completely when the 1/25s exposure is made. But who complains facing the 11,50 Euro deal 🙂

The second one is a Belfoca junior. It shoots 6×6 or 6×9 cm, whoooo ! You can adjust the negative size by folding out a metal strip in / on the camera somewhere. Again, I could not test it yet, so here are some pretty pictures of the camera itself. (also a bargain with 15,50 Euros). With this camera I did the complete striptease- leather case to naked inside.

Belfoca junior-bag closedBelfoca juior-Bag open  Belfoca juior-front closed Belfoca juior-front open And there was still more ! The Belfoca came with a special surprise which was not mentioned in the description on eBay.Belfoca juior-back open

An exposed roll of film was inside ! Just wonderful. The camera must have been used ages ago, since the paper on the film material feels really old. It is an Orwo 15 NP film. It is a black and white film which was produced in the GDR. So that film must come from that time I suppose. I’ll bring the roll to a photo store the next days to get it developed. I learned to develop film myself, but I want to give this to a professional. Who knows what might be on those pictures – a wedding ? Holiday pictures ? State secrets of the socialist regime in the GDR ? Perhaps… nothing ? After all that time ? We will see and I will definitely keep you informed !