It was my birthday a few months ago. From my family I got two cards which I found worth mentioning on this blog.

The first one is a coloured fold-up card my sister found in Amsterdam.

Bday cards-1(1)

The second card came from my mother, and it is also a fold-up-card. Of this one I made a series of shots to illustrate the clever design. The card consists of two strips of cardboard. A long black strip with a smaller white strip glued exactly in the center of the black one. The white cardboard piece has a series of clever cuts which fold up to a three-dimensional object. In this case… well see for yourself.Bday cards-7Bday cards-2

Card lying nearly flat – you can see the cuts
Bday cards-6Opening…
Bday cards-5…the camera folds up

Tadaaa, a paper fold- up bellow camera.

Thanks, mom and sis !