Last week I met with two of my friends and we did something pleasant and useful combined. We took photos of some stuff I wanted to put on eBay. All those articles you are about to see are now for sale, so grab what you can while it’s still hot ! I got the stuff from another eBay auction, where somebody sold a Hapomatic 4×4 together with a lot of other stuff (the flashes and point’n’shoots, see below).

Shooting setup: black cloth draped on a couch, a sheet of glass from a framed picture placed on it, elevated about 8 cm from the cloth by small boxes. Two flashes lighting the scene, both shot through an umbrella. The right flash points at the angled ceiling and bounces the light quite nicely.

Flash cubes – who still knows such things ? Those are one-time-use flash bulbs. Each cube contains four of those babies. You take the picture – the bulb flashes, thus exhaling its life with the photons it spreads. Then you have to turn the cube, so that another flash bulb is facing the subject. How far we have come when I look at my SB-800… sorry about the dust by the way. We thought about cleaning the glass after these first shots…
DSC_1895A Gossen Sixtomat light meter. The cute thingy has a Selen cell – a cell which produces a voltage when photons hit it. This voltage is used to power the light meter. Nice handy piece of equipment, but with a drawback. The Selen cell degrades and loses its ability to produce a voltage. This is why old Sixtomats can not be trusted blindly – check first ! The light effect in the bottom right corner comes from the ceiling-bounced flash


DSC_1905Philips flash bulbs. Work similiar like the cubes.

DSC_1908DSC_1909An Olympus point’n’shoot. No fancy stuff here (posh Nikonian speaking)

Another masterpiece of photographic equipment. A camera made by TCM, the brand Tchibo (the coffee-and-everything-else) uses for everything electric and electronic.

DSC_1914This is one of the more serious cameras from the poin’n’shoots I am putting for sale. Heavy thing, good zoom and an overall “pricy” impression if I may use this term.

DSC_1920Oh yes, the Range 2000 35 mm camera. This piece is so exquisite that I thought about seeling my D300s for a moment. The Range 200 is a plastic box with a fixed aperture. It is “focus free” as you can note on the body. This golden shiny shiny sparkly king (or queen ?) of cameras is a must-have for all master photographers, initiate shooters and educated donkeys.

DSC_1930A Rollei flash unit. Nice piece, the flash can be angled 90° to point at the ceiling.

DSC_1935Okay, here is one thing not-so-photo. It’s my old iPod classic 60 GB. Got it during my stay in Australia a few years ago, it was the newest model by then. Now I am selling it because I got myself an iPhone 🙂

Thanks to venusmoerder and Keb Leynad for making this session, we should do this more often !