I forgot to post an update in time, but here is how the issue was resolved:

After resetting my iPhone as told by the support, no improvement could be observed. Battery still went dead in standy in under eight hours. So I called up the support again. They acknowledged the problem and gave me three options:

  1. Send in the phone to get it repaired
  2. Get a replacement phone instantly at the cost of 29 Euros
  3. Purchase the Apple Care Protection Plan for 69 Euros.

Very unhappily I chose option three. From then it went quick: A day later I got the replacement phone and an empty and paid parcel to return the broken phone. I backupped my data, erased the old phone, restored the backup on the new phone and sent the broken phone away. The new iPhone now lasts as it should last – up to 2 days without recharge. Problem solved.

What bothers me is that I had to pay to get a replacement phone. That is one part of Apple’s policy I dislike a lot. Their products are very expensive, and you only get one year of warranty. This is not customer friendly and I am p***ed off by that. I paid quite a sum and the product is broken. And now I had to pay again – come on !

I chose Apple Care because it is the lesser of two evils. Yes, it is more expensive, but at least Apple will now help me when I have a hardware problem without having to open the purse. I won’t change the warranty policy, so I have to live with it and accept the extra charge. But I would cheer if the warranty policy became a little bit more customer friendly.

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