Beginning of October 2010 (Happy New Year by the way !) I went to Braunschweig to learn more about analog photography at the Absolut Analog Workshop. As reported earlier, most of the films I used came out with close to no exposure at all and I was somehow disappointed. I lost track of the films I had exposed during the last months and brought five films to development last week. One roll film contained stunning images from my Zenza Bronica middle format camera. I completely overlooked that I still had pictures from Absolut analog on that camera ! Now I would like to share them with you.

ZenzaBronicaETRS-1Breakfast at the hotel

This is the Rollei camera calibration wall. The information on the tested lens, date and focus stop were noted with chalk on the boards you see, then the picture has been taken and used to calibrate the equipment. The following pictures are from that wall. I have to confess that I think everybody attending the workshop must have such pictures. But I like them anyway.