A few days ago the cable for the geotagger died. The plug broke, exposing the fine wires which contact the socket in the tagger.

Solmeta offers replacement cables for USD 12 plus shipping of USD 15. I wanted to order two cables (since they break so easily), not happy but what option do I have. So I packed two cables in the shopping cart, went to checkout, payment details…. Yes Paypal…. And done ! No wait. I purchased the cables, but I have no money on Paypal left. So I added a credit card to Paypal and…. This was successful and…. I still could not order the cables because Solmeta does not accept Paypal credit card payments. Gnarf.
I have to wire money on my Paypal account, only then I can pay the cables to Solmeta.

Well, Solmeta, since I am traveling at the moment, you will have to wait until I return home.