A few weeks ago I entered a video into the DigitalRev.TV competition on Youtube. As announced in an earlier post, I did not make first price but got one of the runner-up prices they were giving away.

The package arrived yesterday. It contained two items:
D3C_9168  First item… a mysterious black thingy in a nice tin can.


Yes ! It is actually a miniature Nikon camera. Now that’s what you call a “micro Nikkor”….

The camera is actually a USB pen drive with 2 GB. This is very very nerdy. I like it.
Second item in the package is a camera cleaning kit. Contents: Micro-fibre cleaning cloth, Lens/LCD Spray, Dust brush, Air-Blower and Lens cleaning tissues. Neat !

D3C_9179Thank you very much to DigitalRev for these prices !