Nooooooo….. again my iPhone4 shows battery suckysucky. It started yesterday when I noticed a rapid decrease in battery power and a noticeable temperature increase on the backside of the iPhone. And over night the iPhone battery went dead from 36 % when I put it on the desk late at night. I will monitor the battery charge today and do a system recovery via iTunes this evening. Hope this is only a software issue, although I think it is time to call support again.

Man, I must have bad Karma with technology I purchade privately. It happens – from my perspective – quite often that newly purchased stuff is defective somehow: iPhone battery problem 1, 24-70 defect, second iPhone battery problem.. a year ago I bought active speakers for my Mac at home – first pair was broken, second one too [it was a different product I got as replacement for God’s sake !] and the third one finally worked…)

I’ll keep you updated….