I am going mad. Yes. Absolutely definitely incredibly mad. Not the Freddie Mercury “slightly mad” but the “running naked on the street wreaking havoc on parking meters with a chainsaw”-mad.

Guess what. Today the bat…RRRAAAAAAAHHHH… battery of my iPhone4 went dead within 10 hours again. What the F*** is wrong with that thing ? Last week I reset the iPhone and installed everything from scratch. And it worked. For a week. Now battery sucky sucky again. And between “worked” and “battery sucky sucky” I definitely did NOT change, install or deliberately damage anything.

What kind of App or software bug could cause this ? Is it possible that I have malware or a virus on the iPhone ? Have any viruses ever been reported for iOS ? Never heard of it.

Ok, plan of action.

  • I charged the iPhone completely again
  • I switched everything off, killed all Apps, won’t use it and read time and battery charge regularly again.
  • I deleted all Apps which can be deleted. If everything is fine from now again I know that there is something wrong with a piece of software.
I must be haunted by the ghost of faulty technology (I now introduced a post category for this). I assume in my last life I must have done something really awful. Developing Windows or so… no wait, those guys are still alive.
My dear readers…. I apologize for boring you with this never-ending story.