I am on a short vacation trip over a long week-end. I took the opportunity to use my geotagger again. You might remember that I bought new cables since the old one broke during my India trip. Cable-tagger connection is a design flaw on that product. It turned out that the expenditure for the new cable was futile:

When I wanted to plug that damn thing again I had yet another technology breaky-breaky experience.

The connector at the geotagger consists of a metal frame and a plastic tongue in the middle which holds the electrodes. This metal tongue seems to be loose. Look at the pictures.

20110602-220550.jpg This is how the connector should look like

20110602-220529.jpgThis is how it looks like after plugging and removing the cable.

When I plug the cable and pull it out again, the plastic tongue with the electrodes is displaced by ca. 5 mm. Also there is no connection to the camera and I can’t charge it any more.

I will contact Solmeta and see if they offer some kind of warranty.

Guys, I am always very careful with my belongings, why does stuff keep breaking when I am using it. I should apply as an equipment tester. What survives me survives everything.