Time to show some photos I recently took.

A few weeks ago I was at the dutch north sea shore. On that trip I also took my camera and here are some shots I took during these days. These photos are also available in the “Photos” section of this website.


Photo taken with the Samyang 8 mm and a frontal flash to light up the subject.

As you can observe I am hooked to my Samyang 8 mm fisheye lens these days. I just like the distortion of that thing. And the opening angle of about 170 degrees. Gee, I am such a nerd.
ZeelandSomething different, this time not with the 8 mm. That was the rental car we had. I placed a flash unit inside the car and triggered it with the on-camera flash. The on-camera flash did not contribute tot the lighting setup. I like the minimalistic look of that image.