20120424-en-el15_replacement01A few minutes ago I received an email from Nikon support. I registered my D800 with Nikon online, therefore I got this automated message.

A potential problem with the EN-EL15 batteries has been detected. A batch of EN-EL15 batteries has not been produced according to the Nikon quality standards and in very rare cases the batteries can reach a temperature which deforms the casing of the battery. Nikon states that the problem has only been encountered in the factory, there are no field reports of overheated batteries so far.

Nikon has set up a replacement programme. See the support page (German) for details.

You have to check the back of your battery for the serial number.

  • If the ninth position in the serial number is an “E” or an “F” your battery must be replaced.
  • If the ninth position of the serial number displays “A”, “B”, “C”, “D” or “G”, the battery is safe to use.
  • Exception 1: Batteries which were supplied with any D7000 or Nikon 1 V1 bought before February 29th 2012
  • Exception 2: Any single battery which has been bought before February 29th 2012.

I contacted Nikon support using the online chat system and a friendly lady named Joyce registered the battery for me and will send me a replacement battery.

So people, check your batteries and contact Nikon if necessary !

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