20120428-cls-failure01Do you see a baby in the above image ? No ? Me neither.

It’s enough, I am seriously not amused. Today I made a studio session and out of 125 images 58 (fifty-eight) are black because the flashes did not fire. That is 46,4 % of all images taken ! Since I was shooting a baby some precious moments could not be captured because babies can change their facial expression several times in a matter of seconds. If you don’t get that moment – it’s gone.

And no, there is nothing wrong with the flashes or the batteries. I know that because I used the D300s simultaneously during the shoot to have another lens at hand. I took 33 images with the D300s and the flashes fired 33 times – no fails.

Although I hate to give it away I will send the D800 to Nikon service next monday 🙁