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************UPDATE, September 17th 2013***************

The CLS problem has been solved. On some early D800 cameras a circuit board which controls the popup flash must be replaced. That is what Nikon did with my camera. Read about the solution here and additional info here. With some D800 bodies the replaced circuit board solved the problem, with my D800 body it only solved the problem partially. CLS in manual mode only works when the aperture is fully open. The Nikon technician told me that this will be fixed with another firmware update in late 2013.

For the hassle (I sent in the camera twice and was in contact with Nikon for over a year) they compensated me with a free SB-910 (no kidding !). Now that’s perfect customer care !


I got a message from Nikon Germany concerning my camera. Nikon Japan was informed about the CLS trigger problem and has some questions about the issue. How often did the error occur, did it occur when the flashes are in groups A and/ or B and, odd question, does the problem still exist after the camera has been at the service point.

The last question is funny, since I did not get the D800 back yet. Almost three weeks now.

The only useful information I can extract from the message is that the problem has been reported to Nikon Japan and that they are looking into it more thoroughly.

Still waiting for a solution and my camera (perhaps it has also been sent to Japan ? Then it would be the D800 with the most mileage so far 😉