wpid2062-20120525-d80001Today my local camera store called that my D800 is back from the dead service. That’s good ! But. The outcome of the nearly four weeks the camera spent at the service: Nothing. Nada. Nihil. Zero. Nichts. Rien.That’s bad.

They tested my D800 with a SB-600, SB-700 and SB-800 just like I did and could not reproduce the problem. The flashes always triggered reliably.

I always feared that this situation could occur. And if I had not received messages from other D800 users who have the same problem I would start doubting my sanity. But no, other people have the same problem, so I was not seeing ghosts.

Now all I can do is to wait for a firmware update and hope that the issue will be fixed by that. Until then I can’t use the D800 in the studio, and that is quite disappointing considering the proud price of the camera.