Some weeks ago one of my Youtube-Videos got censored by EMI because they claimed I used music from one of their artists (In that article I wrote GEMA censored the video, but that was a mistake, it was EMI. But since GEMA also censors a lot on Youtube this is not so important).

Long story short: I cut the videos with iMovie and use the sound and music loops which are supplied with the program. I never use external music since I am aware that this would be a copyright infringement. But since artists who are contracted by record labels or with GEMA also use Apple products, they also use the same sound libraries. They produce a track using those sound elements, and voilà, the copyright infringement algorithms at Youtube detect a severe case of evil music cloning because the protected songs contain the same loops as my video.

This happened to nearly every Youtube video I made and it is very annoying. Every time I objected to the censorship and every time the video was unblocked again.

Anyhow, I take the opportunity to re-post that video. Enjoy !