A great deal of my photographic knowledge comes from blogs, podcasts and instructional videos which are freely available on the internet. My key driver for writing here is to share my experiences and humble knowledge with other people. I am blogging for about three years now, the first post was published August 13th 2010. In that time I have published around 190 posts, which is roughly a post every six days in average. The blog has a small, but steady amount of readers, which makes me very happy. I would like to extend the activities on the blog and post more frequently. But I can not do this alone.

Therefore I am looking for guest writers or co-authors. What does it take to be qualified ? Mainly just two things. You should be passionate about photography and you should enjoy writing and explaining (in the english language).

You are free to write about anything, as long as it is related to photography in any sense. Examples:

  • Display your work. Show some images you are proud of and tell the story behind it. How were the pictures taken ? What did you learn ?
  • Review gear. You have some equipment you enjoy using ? Tell the readers about it. Post a review with images or a video.
  • Write shooting how-tos of that cool product shot / macro shot / headshot…
  • Share your experiences with camera companies (as I have done with my D800 hassle…)
  • Review a book on photography
  • Be philosophical. For example ponder the question “What is the value of an image considering today’s digital tsunami of photos ?”

I can only repeat – as long as it is a post related to photography in any sense you are free to contribute.

Now for some kind of disclaimer to make clear what you are dealing with. I am not a full-time photographer but a photo enthusiast who enjoys maintaining this blog in his spare-time. I have a daytime job which pays my bills (and has nothing to do with photography, I am an engineer) and therefore I have no commercial interest in the blog (yes, one can book me for shootings. But the blog is hardly a vessel for acquiring clients. The posts are centered around photo gear, technological issues, shooting setups etc. That is not the stuff image-buying people usually read). I will never sell images or articles that you contributed. Which means on the other hand that I won’t pay you for your posts. As written above, your key motivator should be giving back to the community. Disclaimer end.

If you are interested in contributing please drop me a line.