When I made the shots of the D610 for my “purchase decision post” I did not have the time (and patience) to make a proper studio setup. So I decided to go for a quick’n’dirty solution. To my amazement the results were far better than expected.

I placed the D610 on the box it came in and put both in front of a 24 inch display which was switched off. With the D800 and a SB-910 flash unit I took the images at eye-level of the subject. The flash was angled 60° towards the ceiling with the white bounce card pulled out.

Here is the setup:20131207-Setup-quick-n-dirty-product-photos-composition

The setup results in a nicely lit background (note that this might not work with glossy screens). The bounce card is responsible for the reflection on the surface of the TFT screen. The subject itself is also lit quite well. To bring out the details in the subject I raised the dark areas, cloned away the dust (gee, it’s everywhere and I unboxed the camera only a day ago before the shoot), cropped the image, applied a slight vignette and violà ! It is a good result in my opinion considering this very simple setup.