20140420-More-Insects-HeaderLast week I posted images of a caterpillar on an apple and once the macro lens is mounted my photographic trigger finger stays itchy. Therefore I strolled around on a playground while my daughter was playing and scrutinized twigs and leaves of the surrounding trees and bushes in search for other insects. I found another small caterpillar, a black one this time, and took a small twig which lay on the ground. The caterpillar crawled onto the twig as I offered it to him and now with my “victim” isolated on a lone twig I comfortably sat down on a seesaw . Holding the camera with my right hand and the twig in the left hand I could position the  twig as I liked.



20140420-Insects-009After setting the caterpillar free again I was lucky to make a good shot of a ladybug and some kid of fly each.