I keep a list of  topics about which I want to write. Some of them are reviews of gear, some are small photo projects which are yet to be realized. But today I feel more like introducing myself briefly. I do not write this post out of vanity but more out of something… let’s call it “reverse curiosity”. When reading blogs I often would like to know who is behind the words. Knowing a little about the person sometimes helps sorting and understanding the content.

20130624-Lumenatic-001Selfie (and how it was made)

So… hi ! I am Julian Eichhoff, 34, married, father of two daughters. I am the person behind lumenatic.com. The blog is a one-man-show, there’s just me (although I would welcome co- or guest authors, drop me a line !). In my day job I am a mechanical engineer, working for a company which builds automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Needless to say I love photography. Taking images, creating, being creative is what drives me. I have a hard time leaving home without a camera, a feeling to which some of you might relate. I consider myself a “serious amateur” or “prosumer”: I do not earn my money with photography but I apply a very high standard towards my images (hands up – who just thought “blabla, who doesn’t” ? ;-).

A few years ago I tried to go a little commercial with my photography, charging for the shootings I made. It was never intended to be my full time job (and it never went there). Quickly I learned that there is much more to being a professional (as in “paid”) photographer than just taking images and editing them. It involves marketing, acquisition, selling, negotiating… Those are all activities which are not very much down my alley, so I did not actively pursue commercial photography any further. Another big factor in that decision were my two children. After my day job they occupy most of my free time, and what is left is dedicated to photography.

Naturally I take an insane amount of images of my daughters, which I share on a private blog with friends and family. The rest of my “photo time” is dedicated to this blog and the projects I conduct. I am trying to post once a week, usually on a Sunday.

When starting the blog some years ago I asked myself “There are so many photography blogs and websites out there, why adding another one ?” The answer is simple. I learned a lot from those other sites. Sharing information and knowledge is one of the pillars of the internet community. By writing about what I do and how I did it and what my thoughts are on this and that I am giving back to the community. That is one of the factors which motivates me. Also I enjoy writing and, even more important, creating and being creative (there it is again).

Final words. Hard to find on such a loose post. Perhaps I might condense the message a little. Hi, that’s me, that’s why I take images and write about it, thanks for reading !