Every year in October the Tiergartenfest ist held. The Hannover Tiergarten used to be the royal hunting grounds, reserved to the king, his family and other noblemen. Today it is a public park where deer roam freely. Once a year a festival takes place in the Tiergarten. It is aimed at children with many fun activities: Exploring a firefighting truck or an ambulance, building birdhouses, tinkering small toys and pendants, having fun in a bouncing castle.

To enhance the atmosphere walkers mix in with the crowd, wearing colorful costumes. I managed to get this shot of a golden fairy:20141011-fairy-evolution-original001
As you can see there are several unwanted elements in the shot (sorry kids !). Nothing the repair tool in Lightroom can’t handle. I made a 60 second video of the editing process. Mainly I used the repair tool to remove the people and the buggies in the picture. Note that not everything is perfect at the first try. I deleted the repair patch a few times and did it again to get better results. After I removed the unwanted elements I made some local adjustments on exposure and color, contrast and added saturation. Then I added some local exposure to the fairy using the brush tool to make her pop out and applied a vignette to the image.

The editing process took around 12-15 minutes. If you pixel peep you will notice that the patches are not perfect everywhere, but I’d say they are 90% perfect. Since the images are scaled down before I upload them to the web some of these “impurities” become so small you won’t recognize them anymore.

Here is the final result:20141011-golden-fairy-001