Two weeks ago I hung some birdfood in the tree right in front of out kitchen window. That gave me the opportunity to deposit the camera right in the kitchen and wait for the moment to make close-ups of animals feeding there.

One morning I was rewarded with a squirrel that munched away on the bird food. Photos made with the D800 and the Tamron 150-600 mm. It was 10 in the morning, but it was very overcast and not too bright, therefore ISO was set to 12.800. Yes, that’s a lot of grain in the images, but otherwise no photos could have been taken. With 1/320th of a second and f5 (f6 for some images) I was able to take images that were not too dark (tried 1/800th of a second but that proved to be too underexposed).

Anyhow – enjoy the images, share, like !