20141202-spam-001SPAM. From me. For you. I was too lazy busy to write a full-blown blog entry, therefore I am posting an image which I entered into the bi-weekly photo contest of the German photo podcast Happy Shooting. The topic of the contest was “Konserve” (“can” or “tin can”). You might notive that there is no watermark or signature on the image. Initially I placed my signature in the bottom left corner, but that looked odd and disturbed the symmetrical balance of the image. Moving the signature to the right had the same effect. So I decided not to implement any watermark or signature. Sometimes less is more.

The setup was very simple. A few sheets of paper and white cardboard as backdrop, two flashes for illuminating the background, one flash straight from above to illuminate the tin can. Here is the making-of image.
Post processing included cropping, straightening, overexposing the background with the “lights” slider and a circular gradient filter. In the last step some minimal perspective correction in Photoshop since I did not shoot the can 100% from the front. Total time with “studio” setup, shooting, post processing ca. 30 minutes.

Enjoy the image !