20150524-Mercedes-001  I stumbled across this gorgeous Mercedes Benz SLS AMG in an underground car park in Frankfurt. Now I am not a sportscar person, but the sheer beauty of this piece is stunning. The design screams “I AM PERFECTLY ENGINEERED” and boy, do I love the matt paint finish (It makes the car look Apple-ish now that I think about it a little longer).

These images are a great example that impressive car photos do not require extensive lighting or a monstrous setup. All three shots were snapped more or less while bypassing with my family waiting a few meters ahead. The shot was made with only the flourescent light that illuminated the car park. 1/640 s @ f/4 and (auto) ISO through the roof did the rest. Looking at the EXIF data I could have chosen a slower shutter speed, but the camera was set to these values since I shot in bright daylight shortly before.20150524-Mercedes-003