On the island Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea, just off the German coast, lies a post-WW2 submarine of the German navy. It has been converted into a museum and after posting about a WW2 submarine I thought it would make nice mini-series.

The shooting conditions were similar to the WW2 submarine in Laboe. Not much light, mixed light at the entrances, very narrow passageways, many tourists squeezing through the metal behemoth. I shot with the 14-24 mm and pretty much the same techniques apply as described in last week’s post: If you want to take a wider shot you will have to wait for a moment when nobody is in the frame, or you can focus on shooting the details. Be patient. To get a people-free shot of the bridge I had to wait roughly five minutes as many children visited the submarine (“I wanna be the captain now !”).

Read some of the remarks below the images for additional information.


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