Meet TimeBoo, a wristwatch made from Bamboo (the housing). I bought it on a designer market in Hamburg. The watch is astonishingly lightweight and I love the minimalistic design. And the price is astonishingly low. A watch for men costs 53 €, which is not much for a wristwatch (no pun intended). Please visit the TimeBoo webpage for further information.

O20151130-TimeBoo-Watch-Makingof-001f course I had to photograph my newest gadget. I decided to work with a on-the-fly-setup, using only a flashgun with a Lumiquest Softbox and a piece of paper as a reflector.

The results are quite presentable, given the fact that I used such a small setup. The last image of the gallery was taken by hanging the watch from a tripod using a piece of string and using a black backdrop. But afer the first shots with this black setup I decided to use my desk as a background, since the wood of the table underlines the “green” nature of the watch.