While being on a bike ride with my friend Dominik we drove through a patch of forest. I spotted a rough but accessible path branching from the main (paved) road. So we took a break and I grabbed the opportunity to take some offroad(-ish) images of the Moto Morini Granpasso.


At first I walked backwards in front of the bike, taking pictures as Dominik approached me. Ok, the path is not really off-road in terms of “driving through the underbush”, but the non-paved road adds to the flair of a travelling enduro. Dominik opted to go bad-ass and drove without his helmet.


I then moved a few meters off the path to get some driveby images.




It was a straightforward, spontaneous photo shoot. There were no special techniques or tricks involved, Dominik just drove up and down the path and I took some images.

Post processing involved straightening the images, adjusting the colours, raising the dark areas to lighten bike and rider, applying a vignette and cropping a little on some images.