Having found my genre it was time for new business cards. Back in 2011 I got business cards from moo.com. The company offers high quality business cards and other print articles of all sorts. Most interesting for photographers is the option to get up to 50 different designs on a card. The front looks always the same with your contact information, but the back can have up to 50 different designs. Meaning that a set of 200 cards will contain the same design only four times .

I chose fifty of my best motorcycle images and uploaded them to the moo.com designer. The back side of the card was created in Photoshop and looks like this:


(Note: My name and contact information are a tad too small. A well designed card should have a larger font. The font is still well readable, but a few points more would have been better). I sent the design to a friend of mine, who is a designer. She replied the other day mentioning the font size, but impatient as I am I had already ordered the cards.

Anyhow. The Cards arrived today, they come with a nice black cardboard box for storage. The set of 200 cards was 46 € plus 5,75 € shipping plus VAT, totalling 61,57 € ( around 0,31 € per card). I was left dumbfounded when I logged in to moo.com and saw my orders – the first one from five years ago and the one now – and compared the prices. Five years ago I paid only one Euro less for the same quality and same amount of cards ! A price increase of only 1 € in five years is astonishing. Well done, moo.com !

That might seem expensive but I have to stress that the cards are of a high quality. The paper is thick and sturdy (350 g/sqm, there are also heavier papers), the print quality pass the critical quality inspection of a photographer with flying colours (no pun intended).

Now I am looking forward to spreading these cards among fellow bikers. I reckon many exciting and wonderful photo shoots will emerge.