On a Saturday morning I borrowed my friend’s bike and embarked on an early photoshoot. I planned to have another “bike and biker”-session, but getting up at 06:30 in the morning on a Saturday is nothing a sane person would do without an urgend necessity.

However, taking photos IS an urgent necessity when I am concerned. The name “Lumenatic” was not coined without background you know…


I drove to a small patch of heath in the north of Hanover and steered the Moto Morini Granpasso off the main road. The trail was sandy and quite narrow. Not a good terrain for a bike with street tyres, but it was manageable.

I mounted a flash on a tripod and set it at roughly the height of the seat. You can clearly see in the images that the flash was positioned to the camera left. I shot against the sunrise (sun hidden behind the clouds).


What I miss in this image is the rider. Which was me obviously, but I had to operate the camera. I need to reshoot this with a second person. Imagine the rider standing next to his bike, helmet in his left hand, contemplating the road ahead. That would tell much more of a story.


Nothing’s perfect, I am happy with the outcome. The bike looks great in this environment and the lighting creates a special atmosphere.