And the title “most photographed bike” goes to… the Moto Morini Granpasso and my Yamaha FZ6 Fazer ! If you read this blog regularly you will encounter those two bikes on a regular basis. The FZ6 is my bike and the Granpasso my friend’s bike. He lives next door and we park our bikes next to each other, so those are the two bikes I have regular access to.

After my short excursion to the heath I drove further to the northern harbour of Hanover. It is an industrial harbour with cranes and railroad tracks. It was Saturday morning, so not much happended there. I brought with me two flashes and wanted to capture some bike portraits against the morning sun.

There are also some freight wagons with colourful graffiti, which make an excellent backdrop for posing the bike.

A short anectode from the shoot: the harbour is private property, so I was not sure what would happen if I just went there without permission. There was five minutes into the shooting

Train tracks are an open invitation to position the bike. The viewer’s eyes are guided from the bike along the train tracks towards the horizon.

I love the next two ones. Those are stacked concrete railroad sleepers (you know, the blocks where the steel tracks rest on). That’s another wonderful backdrop.


I switched to the 14-24 mm wide-angle lens. It is not easy to get a decent shot of a bike from down low with a wide-angle lens. The proportions of the bike get heavily distorted and the risk of disfiguring the machine on your image is given. I found that even a small change of the position (50 cm) can make a huge difference in the appearance of the bike.