This is about the very basics of photography, and many of you might not need this video. But for everybody who just gets started in photography, this might help. I made a video about exposure and the three factors influencing exposure: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Hope it is understandable and helpful.

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Shooting a video on this fundamental subject was super hard. It is one thing understanding the matter (and I claim that I know what shutter speed, aperture etc. do), but explaining this fluently before the camera without any major fuckups is very hard. It took me a full day to shoot everything – after starting to edit the first takes I completely trashed them and shot everything new. Too many bloopers, stupid explanations. Making an intelligent appearance on camera is not easy, and I am not sure if I succeeded.

But anyhow – I am happy the video is ready and hope that many people will watch and benefit from it.