20120428-cls-failure01Do you see a baby in the above image ? No ? Me neither.

It’s enough, I am seriously not amused. Today I made a studio session and out of 125 images 58 (fifty-eight) are black because the flashes did not fire. That is 46,4 % of all images taken ! Since I was shooting a baby some precious moments could not be captured because babies can change their facial expression several times in a matter of seconds. If you don’t get that moment – it’s gone.

And no, there is nothing wrong with the flashes or the batteries. I know that because I used the D300s simultaneously during the shoot to have another lens at hand. I took 33 images with the D300s and the flashes fired 33 times – no fails.

Although I hate to give it away I will send the D800 to Nikon service next monday 🙁


  1. Hi, keen photographer in Australia here. Noticed the issue you posted on the CLS. I love macro photography so have the SB R200 wireless flashes. Previously used the D300 and SB 800 in commander mode OR pop-up flash in commander mode – everything worked as you would expect. Now with the D800, pop up flash in commander mode works faultlessly BUT with SB800 in commander mode, I get the same results as you do – very unreliable!!!.

  2. Hi Dennis,
    still waiting for Nikon to solve the problem. As I understood the service mail from Nikon Germany they have at least informed Nikon Japan about the issue. Not sure if they also sent my D800 to Japan for inspection. Well, the camera is now gone for three weeks. I am starting to get impatient. At least a little „Dear customer, we are working on it, please be patient“ would be nice.

    Please report the problem to Nikon Australia. The more people report it the more attention the issue will get at Nikon HQ !

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