In my last posts I was very techy, talking only about new cameras and giving guidance on how to choose the perfect camera for you. Reading these posts again I realized that some people might get a wrong impression, so I would like to add something.

In the last post I stated that “the image is shaped by the lens (and) the lens is more important than the body”. Which is still true, but I have to amend this statement:

The photographer is the single most important part in the process of creating the image.

NOT the equipment. I was reminded of that when I showed pictures from my gallery at a party yesterday and somebody asked me “How much do I have to invest in equipment so that I also can make such photos ?”

The equipment is absolutely secondary and I regret a little that I am focussing so much on the technology issue of photography on this blog. I have to confess: I love technology and am excited about new cameras and lenses. But in the end this is not important. Because it is the photographer taking the image, not the camera. The camera won’t tell you how to compose your image, which angle you should take, how to create a certain mood with lighting.

It’s experience, a good eye, maybe talent and some photographic basic rules which make good images. To illustrate this I would like to quote the Youtube channel DigitalRev.TV again. They started a series where they issued the cheapest of the cheap cameras to professional photographers and see how they perform. And the results are stunning .