The sportscar fever got me after I shot the Ferrari FF and an Audi R8 in the studio. So I borrowed a bunch of model cars and launched an extensive shooting session in the studio. To add a little extra wow to the images I went to my local hardware store and purchased a 60 x 30 cm polished black granite tile. That should give wonderful reflections of the cars I wanted to photograph. The model cars I had available are two Porsches (a silver 911 and a black GT3), a red Bugatti, a black Porsche old-timer convertible, a yellow Lamborghini Aventador and a white Mercedes oldtimer. Here is the basic shooting setup:

I placed the models on the black granite tile. The tile has a sprinkled structure as I could not find a perfectly black tile in the hardware store, but it worked out well. Constant use of the rocket blower and a micro fibre cloth between the shots ensured that I did not have to go ape in post. Actually, most modifications to the images are made to the background – making black totally black. On some images (e.g. the header image) the wheels got a little exposure boost, some dust removal (you can’t shoot dust-free unless you are in a cleanroom) but that’s about it. Enjoy !