Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-24 um 22.06.02A few months ago I wrote about the re-organization of my workspace. I purchased an electrically actuated desk, assembled it by myself and re-arranged the messy wiring I had produced over time.

Shortly after New Year’s Eve I received an email from the company which produces these desks, Inwerk. It was a standard email asking if I was satisfied with the product, if I had any questions etc. I replied with a few lines saying everything is ok. I also gave them the link to the article I wrote, which also contains a video.

Nothing happened for two weeks. One day my wife called me at work. “A package has been delivered, it is quite heavy and a sticker reads ‘caution, glass’. What did you order ?” I was baffled, because I did not expect anything. The package turned out to contain a bottle of wine and a short note from the sales agent at Inwerk. He told me that they enjoyed the video and wanted to say thank you with the bottle of wine.

That is an oustandingly kind gesture and made my day. Very good customer relationship management, thank you Inwerk !

Here is the video I sent them, enjoy !