At the beginning of June I made another trip to the Kyffhäuser pass in Thuringa. It’s a motorbike mekka with 36 curves, winding up a steep hill. I visited it the year before and was eager to drive up the hill again.

At the foot of the hill a restaurant and Bratwurst stand are open for the bikers. I think they have good business on a sunny weekend.

Since I visited the pass alone I brought a tripod and a wireless trigger unit for my Nikon D750. I set the camera up and started taking some images of myself.


I drove back and forth and naturally shot other drivers while trying to take a decent portrait of myself while driving.


And I got this guy on his BMW S1000RR. Boy, does that thing sound good !  20160611-Kyffhäuser-007

After a while I took the camera off the tripod and shot some driveby portraits.

I like the shot below, because these five guys are aligned on a string. Each driver represents one phase of passing that double curve.

20160611-Kyffhäuser-010  20160611-Kyffhäuser-012
20160611-Kyffhäuser-015  20160611-Kyffhäuser-017