I decided to share some of my images as wallpapers. The plan is to start with a small number of images and add one or the other image over time. I will kick this off by publishing two shots of model sports cars I made in the past (click here to see the Ferrari shooting, here for the Audi R8 shooting and here for many other sportscars).

The format of both images is 16:9 (2560×1440 pixels). Clicking on the image will take you to the full size version. Now right-click and select “Save as…” or similar (depending on the operating system you use).

Lamborghini-Wallpaper-2560x1440 Ferrari-Wallpaper-2560x1440

Disclaimer: While I am fond of sharing stuff I would like to announce the rules under which you may use these images. You are allowed to share them with anybody, but don’t alter them (one exception: downsizing the resolution to match your screen). The images are also not for commercial use, please contact me if you intend to do so to find an agreement. In all cases the copyright stays with me.